Christoph Irniger Pilgrim "Crosswinds"

Good morning 2019! I am really happy to announce the 4. release of Christoph Irniger Pilgrim. Crosswinds will officially be out on january 18th on Intakt Records and can be listened, buyed, downloaded or streamed here!

Upcoming 2019 concerts in Holland, Belgium, Turkey, Switzerland, Germany, Spain und USA. More infos here!

In the Liner Notes of the recording the american journalist Peter Margasak writes: „Crosswinds – this new, gorgeously considered, but luxuriantly open new record- ing by tenor saxophonist Christoph Irniger’s Pilgrim – is palpably more relaxed on the surface than the quintet’s pre- vious albums, yet beneath that veneer of calm is intensely focused and rigorous interplay as well as a level of risk-taking. Irniger and his bandmates have developed a richly contemporary sound that melds ideas from some of the most harmonically advanced thinkers in the US with a distinctly European flavor heard most explicitly“. 

New Release "Running Man"

Very happy about the third record comming out today of the Cowboys from Hell "Running Man" and the Release-Tour in Germany and Switzerland from sunday on.

// HERE you can purchase, listen or stream the new CD.

// Running Man Release Tour 2018
04.11.18 Immerhin, Würzburg (DE)
05.11.18 C-Keller, Weimar (DE)
06.11.18 Auster Club, Berlin (DE)
08.11.18 Weltecho, Chemnitz (DE) 
15.11.18 Red Horn District, Horn-Bad Meinberg (DE)
16.11.18 Güterbahnhof Tor 9, Bremen (DE)
17.11.18 JazzRabazz, Nordhausen (DE)
06.12.18 Cafe Wagner, Jena (DE) 
07.12.18 Jazzclub Tonne, Dresden (DE) 
08.12.18 Jazzclub, Altenburg (DE) 
09.12.18 Das Rind, Rüsselsheim (DE) 
16.12.18 Moods, Zürich (CH)
20.12.18 Grabenhalle, St. Gallen (CH)
22.12.19 Zak, Jona (CH)
01.02.19 Les Murs du Son, La Chaux-de- Fonds (CH) 

Mehr Infos unter:

Pilgrim // North America Live 2018

10/08 Nublu Classic, New York City NY, 9pm
10/09 New Ghosts Series at Bop Stop OH, Cleveland, 8pm
10/10 Constellation, Chicago IL, 8.30pm
10/11 Jazz Gallery, Milwaukee WI, 7pm
10/13 Angel City Jazzfest at Blue Whale, Los Angeles CA, 9pm

Plakat Pilgrim

New Recording with Pilgrim

Snippet from Valencia

Spain Tour March 2018

With friendly support by Pro Helvetia Schweizer Kulturstiftung, Migros Kulturprozent, Stadt Zürich Popkredit, Fondation Suisa and Schweizerische Interpretenstiftung.

Early 2018 Concerts

(Pilgrim at Trondheim Jazzfest - Pic by Arne Hauge)

Super excited about hitting the road soon with TALMOR IRNIGER COUNTERPOINTS and PILGRIM in Spain, Austria and Switzerland. Later in march we will record a new CD with the COWBOYS FROM HELL which will be released this autumn and Release Tour starting in November 2018. With PILGRIM I will be at studio La Buissonne near Avignon (FR) for another recording, which will be released in early 2019. Thank you all for the support and I would be happy to see some of you around!

-w. Talmor Irniger Counterpoints
21.02.18 Jazz im Seefeld, Zürich (CH)
22.02.18 Bird's Eye, Basel (CH)

-w. Christoph Irniger Pilgrim
06.03.18 Jimmy Glass, Valencia (ES)
07.03.18 Asociacion Ool-Ya-Koo, Granada (ES)
08.03.18 Villavijeca 6, Alicante (ES)
09.03.18 Bogui Jazz, Madrid (ES)
10.03.18 Clarence Jazzclub, Malaga (ES)
11.03.18 Soberano Jazz, Dos Hermanos (ES)
16.03.18 Stockwerk, Graz (AT)
17.03.18 Galerie Maerz, Linz (AT)

-w. David Regan Orchestra
09.04.18 Jazzclub Q4, Rheinfelden (CH)

-w. Christoph Irniger Pilgrim
03.05.18 Bird’s Eye, Basel (CH)
04.05.18 Villa Schneckenmann, Zürich (CH)
05.05.18 Kunsthaus, Glarus (CH)

EFG London Jazzfestival 2017

Check the gallery for more pics by Tom Lee..